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Can I edit more than one artwork at a time?

Bulk Editing

To edit your artworks in bulk:

  • login to your FASO Control Panel
  • click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click Edit All Artworks

  • make your changes (the row will become highlighted in a darker gray color so you know you've modified it)
  • click Update (green button upper right)

You can edit:

After editing, click the Update button to save your changes.

NOTE: All fields are sortable.  
Click on the Heading of your choice to get the Up arrow, click on Heading again to get the Down arrow.

Delete or Archive Multiple Items

  • select an item or multiple items by selecting the box to the far left of the listing
  • click Action button
  • select Archive or Delete

NOTE: Any artwork with a status of ‘archived’ will no longer display in the bulk editor.

For more detailed info on Deleting Images in Bulk see this FAQ:
How to Delete Images in Bulk

IMPORTANT: If our software finds that an image is being used in a contest entry or a newsletter, we will recommend NOT deleting the image, as that will result in broken images on the contest site or in newsletters that have already been sent.

Populate the Page based on a Specific Status/Visibility

Clicking on the blue Display button gives you the ability to populate the page based on a specific status/visibility of your artwork. 

For instance, you can click on it and select Archived to see and edit a list of only archived works.


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