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Add Copyright Symbol and Date to Every Page

Many artists choose to add a copyright notice at the bottom of their websites.

To add the symbol (and date) to the bottom of every page of your website:

  • from control panel
  • click Contact the Artist (left column)
  • add your copyright info to the top text box that states the info will appear on every page
  • we recommend adding © {{FASO_SYSTEM_YEAR}} and your name 
  • click Submit

{{FASO_SYSTEM_YEAR}} will automatically update the copyright date yearly!

NOTE: if you do not have Contact the Artist listed in your navigation bar it will not show in the left column.
Access the screen by clicking on More Categories (left menu bar), click on Contact the Artist (right column).

You can copy/paste the symbol from here © 
or type it as follows:

  • Windows:
    Option 1: Hold down the ALT key, enter the number 0169 on your numeric keypad, then release the ALT key
    Option 2: In some programs such as Microsoft Word, typing (C) or pressing CTRL+ALT+C will produce the copyright symbol
  • Mac:
    Press Option+G

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