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Can't Reorder Thumbnails ~ Masonry Style

Masonry/Pinterest Style Template

Using a Masonry-type template, you cannot control the order of your thumbnails 100%, nor the number of images per row. The order will be close to what you choose but not exact, unless all your images are precisely the same size.
(If you could reorder images, they might display poorly with excessive empty space.)

Think about hanging an exhibition on a gallery wall. You don't force the paintings into an order that you pre-determine, you hang them in the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Masonry does the same thing, although it keeps the images in approximate order.

If you don't like the look, here are your options:

  1. Choose a template with Row layout
    See: Thumbnail Layout ~ Masonry vs. Row / Row Layout Templates
  2. Make sure your images are the exact same size and format
    Upload all of the same type of dimensions that fit nicely with this layout (like all horizontal, 8x10's, etc. - like for a ZAPP application)

Learn more in our FAQ:
Thumbnail Layout ~ Masonry vs. Row.

To change your template:

  • Design icon in your control panel toolbar
  • click Site Template (red button)

For more detailed instructions, see this FAQ:
How do I change my template?


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