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Editing Artworks - A Trick to Keep Your Place

Use right-click to open editing screen in new browser tab

If you have scads of pages of artwork images in your Control Panel, edit one on say Page 10, then Save, does it drive you bananas when it pops you back to Page 1?

Here's a nifty way to stay on the page you were on:

Instead of simply clicking to edit the image, right-click and edit in a new browser tab.
Now you won't lose your place. Look:

  • From Control Panel Artwork portfolio, go to the page with the image to be edited:

  • Hover over the image to edit and right-click
  • Select Open link in new tab

  • Edit the image in the new tab

(Page 10 of the Control Panel Artwork portfolio is waiting "next door.")

  • Click Save Changes
  • Now X out of that new tab and you'll still be on Page 10 in the original tab

(These screenshots are in Chrome. Original tab on left, new tab on right.)

08132020 jyc

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