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How do I label my own site visits in Analytics?

You can choose to track your visits on your website.

Here's how to mark your IP address with your name to keep track of your visits to your site:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click the graph / Analytics icon (upper row)

  • click Detailed
  • click Visitors  (just to the right of Dashboard)
  • click on your Internet Service Provider (IS) name
  • review visitor detail to be sure this is you
  • to the right of Unique ID, click Tag
  • add preferred name in the box to the right of Name
  • decide on these two options:

Do not log visits from this IP / IUD
Global - Apply to all sites in your account (recommended).
(Otherwise, it will only apply to this specific site.)

  • click Submit to save changes

NOTE: IP addresses can change fairly often, so an IP address is not a 100% reliable means of keeping track of your visits or those of other visitors. 

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