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Exclude My Visits to My Site

Exclude Your Visits from being Counted in Stats

To exclude your visits to your website so that your visits do not show and are not counted in your Analytics dashboard, follow these steps.

Visit your live website (by going directly to your domain name) so that when you login to your Analytics you will easily find your visits.

  • login to your FASO account control panel
  • click on Analytics icon (upper row)

  • click Detailed (upper row)
  • click Visitors (upper row)
  • click on a single visitor that you think is you (should be listed at the top if you just visited your site!)
  • you can confirm this is you by doubling checking the location and your ip address

NOTE: you can easily see your IP address by doing a search in your browser for 'my ip address'.

  • on the individual visitor screen (once you are sure this is you visiting your site), click on Tag to the right of Unique ID

NOTE: You can click on Tag to the right of either option, Unique ID or IP address. However, the analytics software recommends using UIDs instead of IP addresses whenever possible.

  • add a name to the Name field
  • check both boxes:
    • Do not log visits from this IP / UID.
    • Global Apply to all sites in your account
  • Submit

Changes to these filters in your Analytics dashboard can take up to several hours to take effect.

Filters are NOT retroactive, meaning they will only apply to visits that occur after the filter is created.

Review Filters you have Already Set

  • from Analytics dashboard
    • FASO account control panel
    • click on Analytics icon (upper row)
    • click Detailed (upper row)
  • click Preferences
  • click Visitor Tag and Filters
  • click IP / UID

  • you will see your filters under Global
  • click on Edit to the right of any filter

Third Party Cookies Need to be Enabled

Third party cookies must be enabled on your web browser for this feature to work. If you use more than one web browser, you must set the cookie in each of them.

Also make certain that you do not have your browser set to clear 3rd party cookies when you shutdown the browser.

For help with enabling 3rd Party Cookies, see the following articles:

Using Chrome for example, from this help page:
Clear, enable, and manage cookies in Chrome

If you ever clear cookies, keep in mind your visits will start being counting again.


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