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Add a Simple Hit Counter

Since we provide Website Statistics on each FASO Membership Plan, we do not offer a basic Hit Counter nor do we provide software for creating a Hit Counter.

We offer both Google Analytics and FASO Analytics from your FASO control panel. Both are very good web analytics services. 

Google Analytics and the FASO stats are two very different statistics programs and are wonderful sources of info about your visitors.

Add Hit Counter

If you wish to add a Hit Counter, you will need to generate the Hit Counter in an outside program. You can do a Google search for

  • add website counter
  • add hit counter

to find a service that works for your needs.

Once you have created the Hit Counter in a 3rd party software, add it to your FASO site using Code Injection. 

Customizing your site in this manner requires you be a paying Gold or Platinum member.

When you are ready to add your code, see this FAQ for how to add it:
Using Custom Code - Code Injection

FASO Basic Stats

The Basic Stats are a Simple Hit Counter which will let you know how many visitors you have during a given time period. 

When you click on Analytics, you will see some basic numbers and percentages on the first page.  These numbers will give you the total for New Visitors, Returning Visitors and Bounces during the past 30 days.

FASO Analytics

Click Here for the Tutorial for FASO Detailed Statistics.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful analytics platform. However, because it is so powerful, it can be complicated to learn the more advanced functions.  It is probably the most widely used analytics platform around. It has many advantages - it is highly customizable, well-designed, and free. 

Click Here to sign up for Google Analytics

Click Here for this helpful FAQ: Using Google Analytics with FASO

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