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How do I opt out of the FASO Daily Art Stream?

Set your account to be excluded from the DAS

If you do not want your art to show in the Daily Art Stream:

  • From FASO Control Panel
  • Click Marketing icon (upper row)
  • Click Tools and Channels in left column
    or click Use Marketing Tools button

  • Click Your FASO Daily Art Stream Settings (about halfway down)

  • For Exclude My New Art from the FASO Daily Art Stream, select Yes
    (so it will NOT be displayed in the DAS)
  • Click Save Changes

If you change your mind, just repeat and check No.

You can also change the Visibility Option on select individual artwork images. If you choose 
Your Website (Visible Only on your site)
Unlisted  (only people you share a hidden link with)
the image will not show in the DAS.

For more info see:
Artwork Visibility ~ Public, Website Only, Unlisted


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