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How To Clear Stored Passwords on iPhone to Resolve Login Issues

If you are unable to login to your FASO account on your iPhone, your phone's browser, Safari, could well be saving incorrect login info.

To resolve this issue, delete the stored password as follows:

  • Tap the Settings App
  • Scroll down and tap Accounts & Passwords
  • Tap App & Website Passwords.
    You may be asked to enter a passcode, or authenticate with TouchID or FaceID.
  • To Delete a Single Password:
    Swipe left on the item you wish to delete, and press the red Delete area when it appears.
  • To Delete Multiple or All Passwords:
    Tap Edit in the top right corner, then select all of the items you would like to remove, then tap Delete.

When you attempt to login to your FASO account after having removed saved password, just type in your login info.

If you do not remember your login info, please see this FAQ:
Forgot Login Info? How to Reset Password

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