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Add Like Buttons to Art & How Like Buttons Work

Add Facebook Like Buttons as follows.

  • login to your FASO account control panel
  • click Social - upper row toolbar
  • click Add a Social Sharing Bar to your artwork pages
  • next to Use Social Sharing Bar On Artworks, select Yes
  • leave the Button style as Icon only
  • click Save Changes

This also adds icons for Pinterest and Twitter so that your site visitors can share your art on their Pinterest and Twitter profiles as well.

How Facebook Like Buttons work as a Marketing Tool.

When your Like button is enabled and a Facebook user visits your site and clicks on it, a link to your image gets added to their FB wall. All of their friends can see that image and link, click on it and be led directly to your site. 

When that second person arrives, the Like button is personalized for them. It shows which of their friends have already clicked it and when they click on it, a link to your page gets added to their FB wall.

It is a great marketing tool, and you haven't lifted a finger.

Facebook Like Buttons Stopped Working

If you have been with FASO for awhile, you may still be using the original 'Like Button' interface.

To upgrade your interface:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click Edit the Works Display
  • click Options for Enhanced Templates
    This message comes up:
  • click Access old deprecated FB Like buttons screen
  • select NO
  • Save Changes
  • click Social icon (upper row)
  • click Add a Social Sharing Bar to your artwork pages
  • for Use Social Sharing Bar On Artworks fieldselect Yes 
  • Save Changes

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