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Lost Facebook Page Likes after Installing SSL

Social networks, like Facebook and Google+, use your site URLs (your website page addresses) to track Likes and Shares of your content. 

When you have FASO install SSL on your site, your site URLs will be altered since an s is added to each url.

http changes to https


  • The full url for mydomainname.com is
  • With SSL added the full url becomes

Adding the s makes your content look completely different in the eyes of the social network. Therefore it may seem as if you have lost your Like/Share count. 

In order to avoid this and let the social network know that the new URL is actually the same site that was originally tracked, FASO automatically adds a specific meta tag to the source code of your content so the social networks figure it out.

If this didn't work and you still see that you've lost Shares/Likes on your posts, you can add an additional meta tag to fix it. 

Here's how:

  • copy the URL of the page where you lost your Share/Like count
  • go to the Edit screen for that page (Artwork, blog post etc)
  • click Advanced SEO and Code (bottom right)

  • in the Rel Canonical field, paste in the URL

  • remove the s from the https portion of the URL
  • click Save Changes

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