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How to Share Newsletter on Facebook & Correct it Only Showing the URL

Ideally, when you share your FASO Email Newsletter on Facebook (FB), it shows an image and excerpt. 

Sometimes however, it only shows the URL (web address), which isn't as effective.

Here's the sharing process:

  • go to your live website
  • click Email Newsletter
  • click Read Past Issues
  • click on the newsletter title
  • copy the url (website address) that appears in your browser's address bar
  • go to your Facebook page
  • paste the url in the Status section
  • click Post


Facebook processes links of any type of media content (sites, images, videos, etc) on the fly the first time they are shared. FB handles its own cache (saved version), so that the next time something is shared, they then have the info needed to enrich the post.

Unfortunately, if it's the first time you are sharing a newsletter on FB, then the preview won't look so hot.

What to do?

Our recommendation is to do one or both of the following:


  • paste the url on your FB wall like normal (in status/sharing box)
  • wait for Facebook to generate a 'card' for it (meaning it shows up)
  • either delete the post or share it privately using the visibility option 'Only Me'
  • start over
    this time, once the 'card' is generated by Facebook, it should look more complete with image and a text excerpt



Use this page:
Sharing Debugger
to fix links on FB.

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