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Get Info about Your Sales, Customers, and Contacts

Marketing Results with details about your sales

Sales and Customers

The Sales and Customers screen offers you a way to see your completed sales plus: 

  • Selling date
  • Name of item sold
  • Buyer's name & contact info
  • Selling price
  • Newsletter subscriber or not

To access the info:

  • Login to FASO control panel
  • click Commerce icon (upper row)
  • click Sales and Customers

  • Click View to the right of a sale for more info
  • Product Type designations:
    • pod: Print on Demand sale
    • uno: Prints the artist makes themselves with more than one available
    • work: original artwork sold

Contacts and Customers

Click on Contacts and Customers to see a listing of people that have contacted you from your Contact the Artist page and/or have purchased art from you. The screen also indicates if those people are subscribed to your newsletter. 

Green check mark means they are a subscriber, red minus sign icon means they are not. You can always reach out to them and invite them to become a subscriber. 

You can also access the info from the Left Menu bar. Below Marketing Results in left column, click Sales and Customers


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