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Adjust Settings to be able to Sell more than One Item ~ Giclee Print, Greeting Card, Book, DVD, Calendar, etc.

To get started, be sure to check out this FAQ:
How do I sell prints or notecards?

The following info outlines the 2 settings that need to be adjusted in order to make sure that more than one item is available for purchase.

Using this feature also ensures that the sold tag will not be placed on the item after one is sold.

  • from FASO control panel
  • click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click on the image (left column) or the word Edit (right column) to edit the image
  • change Type from Original to one of the following:
    • Limited Edition,
    • Limited Edition Print
    • Open Edition
    • Open Edition Print
  • scroll down
  • click Show Advanced Commerce Settings (bottom left)
  • for Number Available For Sale, enter desired number you want to sell
  • Save Changes

Limited and Open Editions need to have an Available Number for Sale greater than 1.

The Available Number for Sale does not automatically update after a sale. While this doesn’t matter for Open Editions, remember to manually update the number available after a Limited Edition sale.

Limited Editions:
Enter the number remaining in the edition, minus 5 or so so that there will be some available to sell from places other than the website.
For example, a limited edition may have 50 available.
6 have already been sold.
Holding back 5 for non-website sales, leaves 39 prints available on the website.
In Control Panel, open the artwork and enter 39 in the Number Available For Sale field.

Open Editions:
Enter a pretty high number in the Number Available For Sale field. You could pick a random number, such as 25 or 100. Or, use a number close to the most prints that have been sold of an image at one time. If 6 is the most someone has purchased at one time, consider entering 10 in the Number Available For Sale field.

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