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Newsletters will Not Send to Role Email Addresses

If your newsletter is not going to all of your subscribers, you will want to check your Subscriber List for any role email accounts. A newsletter will not send to role email addresses.

Role accounts, like these:

  • info@
  • contact@
  • gallery@
  • artist@
  • support@
  • admin@
  • sales@
  • feedback@
  • mail@

are email addresses that are not associated with a particular person, but rather with an entire company, department, position, etc.

They are not intended for personal use as it is virtually impossible to prove everyone who will receive the email has given consent to receive it. This is especially important when it comes to sending commercial-based marketing communications (email newsletters).

These addresses are also included in almost every website on the internet, which means they are susceptible to being picked up by list harvesting software. Lists with a high percentage of role accounts are indicative of someone using a purchased list.

Blacklist providers such as Spamhaus use role addresses as honeypots in an attempt to trap spammers. They claim that any email sent to those addresses is spam by default because the address was obtained and used without permission.

Because you cannot control who or how many people receive your message, this also raises the likelihood that somebody will complain.

The Bottom Line:
Whether someone complains to their ISP, you get Blacklisted, or your list contains too many role email addresses in proportion to personal email accounts, these ROLE addresses are suppressed because they are almost never found on opt-­in lists and sending to them can seriously harm your delivery.

You will want to ask these subscribers for another email address in order for them to receive your newsletter.

You could use a personal note similar to this one:

Hello friends, customers, and subscribers.

You signed up to my email mailing list a while back using your company’s role address. Something like "sales@" or "webmaster@ or "info@".

Problem is, my newsletter provider won’t let me use that role address, because your company might be forwarding incoming mail to multiple people. Furthermore, those people will often change departments. It’s some kind of policy that all newsletter services do nowadays.

What this means is that if you want to continue receiving my awesome content, please subscribe to my list using your own, individual  email address.

Here’s the link to sign up:

{{include a link to your newsletter signup form}}


You can learn more from our newsletter provider in this article:

Also see info about email addresses being Suppressed in this FAQ:
Newsletter Subscribers Screen - Explained (Suppression List) 

Subscriber Removed due to Suspicion of being Malicious


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