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Review Paid Ads and Review Ad Credits

Full info on reviewing FASO BoldBrush paid ads

If all you need is a quick-check on your BoldBrush ad balance, see:
How to Quickly Check BoldBrush Ad Credits

This document gives full guidelines on reviewing your ads.

  • how to review your ad
  • determine the status
    • new
    • draft
    • active
    • completed
  • check the publishing date
  • check for credits
  • delete an ad

Review Ads

To access info about your ads, you'll always start here!
  • from FASO account control panel
  • click Ads (top row)
  • click Your Ads


Sample of what the next screen will look like:


The Status column will display one of the following:

  • New
    ad has been started but needs more info
  • Draft
    ad has been created but has not been submitted for approval
    If the ad is in Draft mode, you need to submit it as follows:
    • click Ads
    • click Your Ads
    • click Edit (right column)
    • Save Changes
    • click Submit Ad
      Once submitted it will come to us for approval.
  • Active
    Active means the ad has been approved.
    You will receive an auto-generated email notification letting you know that your ad has been approved and is running in "said" advertisement on "said selected" date.
  • Completed: the ad has ended
    When your ad is marked Completed, you receive an auto-generated email notification with your ad performance details.

Dates Column

the top bold date, the 'Primary date':

the middle date:

  • indicates when the ad goes live in the online portal
    (*** only applies to some ads)

the bottom date:

  • indicates when the ad ends in the online portal
    (this only applies to some ads)

To Delete an Ad

click on Edit (far right column)

click Delete

Ad Credits

  • from Your Ads screen
  • click Credit


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