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Payment by Check Not Recommended

We do not recommend payment by check.

Our online system is geared for credit card payments; paying by check is rather cumbersome and even problematic. We do make an occasional exception for personal checks as payment. 

Here is our check policy:

  1. We only accept checks drawn on U.S. banks.
    Sorry, we do not accept out-of-country checks.
  2. Checks need to be sent well in advance of the due date (4-6 weeks) in order for us to keep your account listed as Active, not Overdue.
  3. We require 12 months payment in advance each time you pay by check.
  4. We do not process refunds for any payments made by check.
  5. Remember to include any and all domain renewal fees, if applicable.

Since we are an internet-based company, we only get to the  PO box every few weeks. Hence, there may be a delay in getting your check to the bank and then it also has to clear before credit can be applied to your account.

If your check is not mailed well in advance of your next billing date, your account will go into Overdue status. Once overdue, automated emails will sent by our system until your account has been updated with the payment info. We have no way to turn these automated Overdue notices off.

Rest assured: If a check is late or we have not been able to process it, we do not turn off your website. Your website will remain live online.

We apologize that our system is not check-friendly.

If paying by check is still your choice, send check to:

110 East Houston Street
7th Floor, #12
San Antonio, TX 78205

To view your next billing date and your payment amount:

  • log into control panel
  • click $ / Billing icon (upper row)

You can print out the page if you wish.

(Texas residents subject to sales tax)

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