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How to Redirect Multiple Domains to Your Main Domain

Your FASO Site will work with as many domains as you want to set up.

Let's say you register 3 domains. All 3 domains are directing traffic to your 1 FASO site:

  • artistname.com
  • artistnameart.com
  • artistnamefineart.com

There is also your Subdomain (system domain, system address) that FASO assigns to your account. It is based on your login Username:

  • username.faso.com
  • username.fineartstudioonline.com

All of these domains (and subdomains) will open your site.

For simplicity and for SEO reasons (Search Engine Optimization), you will want to do a permanent redirect (also known as a 301 redirect) from most of those domains to the one official or canonical domain.

For example, you pick artistname.com as your Main Domain. (The main domain is the one shown at the top of the home screen of your FASO account Control Panel.) Just tell us which one to make the main one, and we will set that for you.

Here's how to set up the permanent redirect to your main domain:

  • login to your FASO Account control panel
  • click the gear icon (top right)
  • click Account Settings
  • click Other Advanced Odds and Ends
  • next to Force Single Domain select Yes
  • click Save Changes

Now all URLs on your site will do a permanent 301 redirect to the matching URL on your main domain (artistname.com in our example).

So if someone visits:

the browser will instantly redirect that url to: http://(artistname).com/works

This is recommended, as it tells Google and other search engines where the one official version of your content is. Apparently they like that.

If you're interested in a Permanent 301 Redirect of your off-site (non-FASO) domain, please see this FAQ: I prefer to do a Permanent 301 Redirect of my domain.

Also see this FAQ:  How many domains can I register? What is the cost?

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