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Forward FASO Email to Another Email Address

It can simplify your life to forward your FASO domain email account (aka branded email, personalized email) to another email such as your Gmail or Yahoo account. This way you can keep checking email in the way you are most familiar with.

If you do not want a recipient to see your other email address (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.), be careful to only reply from your FASO domain email. 

Also keep in mind that every time you use your domain email it advertises the fact that you have a website.

To forward your email account to another email address:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click the Email, closed envelope, icon  (upper row)

  • to the right of your email address, click Log In to this email account
  • enter Password (email account Password may be different from your control panel Password)
  • click the menu icon (top right - looks like 3 horizontal bars)
  • click Settings

  • click Incoming Email (on the left)
  • click the Forwarding tab
  • set status to: ON
  • in the Forward To field, enter your other email address
    NOTE: Separate multiple email addresses with a comma or semicolon.
  • IMPORTANT: Check the box labeled
    Save a copy of forwarded email
    This way you will have a backup
  • click Save

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