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Double Opt-In Policy ~ How it Works ~ Exceptions

About Double Opt-In

Email marketing is one of the best ways to engage with visitors and convert them to subscribers and potential customers.  However before they can receive your Newsletter emails, they have to subscribe by using the double opt-in method.

The double opt-in process is highly recommended because it allows you to safely and easily collect email addresses to help you grow your Newsletter subscriber list.    

Spam has become a huge, extremely disruptive and destructive issue in today's internet. Laws and penalties have been enacted to attempt to curb it.

Double Opt-in is a modern, up-to-date response to the constant threat of malicious Spam. It helps safeguard a user's email by serving as a way of proactively preventing sinister software as well as adhering to best practices that have evolved through years of trial and error.

Although it may seem inconvenient, the double opt-in method is the new standard when it comes to safeguarding email addresses against unwanted messages and vicious spam.

Using double opt-in is a safety catch that requires subscribers to click a link to confirm their wish to join the email list. This keeps bogus emails and spamtrap addresses off your list.

You can learn more about our founder Clint Watson’s experience in this blog post: Enhance Your Email Art Marketing with Double Opt-InAn interesting true story.

Our Policy

FASO requires that all accounts use the double opt-in method. It is automatically enabled on all FASO accounts.  This requirement also applies to customers wanting to batch-import a previously acquired subscriber list.

How Double Opt-In Works

When someone subscribes to your email newsletter, they are opting-in to your list, giving you permission to email them.

Double Opt-in is turned on, by default, on all FASO accounts. 

The double opt-in feature functions for both a single subscriber as well as for batch imports of previously acquired subscriber lists.  

The double opt-in system is a two-step process.

  • Step 1
    An interested subscriber fills out and submits the online signup form from your FASO website.
  • Step 2
    The subscriber receives a confirmation email with a link they have to click to confirm that they want to get emails from you.

Once they complete these steps , they will be added to your newsletter subscriber list.  

NOTE:  The opt-in email will come from [email protected] with your newsletter name in the "From" field.

Opt-In Pending

Cannot Resend Opt-In Confirmation Email

There is no way to resend the opt in email to pending subscribers. If there were, FASO would take the chance of someone repeatedly sending the opt and being labeled as spam because that person has changed their mind or someone else tried to sign them up for the newsletter.

There is no way to enable you to see the full opt in pending email addresses. If there were, what's to stop someone from just adding names to their list.

These safeguards are put in place to protect the subscriber and ultimately, you, the artist and FASO.

If  this is a concern for you, you can add text to your subscriber sign up form informing your potential subscribers about the double opt-in for your newsletter. Let them know how IMPORTANT it is to open the confirmation email and click the link to confirm their subscription.

To add/edit text on your Subscribe page
this page of your live website

  • log in to your FASO account control panel
  • click Newsletter icon (dragonfly in upper row)
  • Click on Settings (left hand column)
  • Click on List Name and Web Signup Form
  • in Signup Message text area, add your personal message
  • Save Changes

Exceptions for Batch Imports:

1.  The user may request an exception to this by opening a support ticket.

2.  User must certify that all email addresses on any list he/she imports has been collected within the last 60 days.

3.  Alternate to #2
If the list is exported from another email service provider, user must certify that an email was sent to everyone on the list from the other provider within the past 60 days and exported within the past 60 days.

4.  All email addresses on the list must have EXPLICITLY asked to be on the list and receive marketing newsletters from the user.  You can't just add your friends email addresses without explicit permission.  

5.  Violation of any of these terms will result in immediate suspension of email newsletter sending functionality and immediate reinstatement of global opt in.

6.  If, after sending a newsletter, an ISP indicates a high spam complaint rate or indicates the user sent to a spam trap, email newsletter sending functionality will be immediately revoked.  
[NOTE - ISPs turn valid email addresses into spam traps if a valid user abandons an email address. This is why all email addresses must have been collected within the past 60 days, any older than that and they could have been turned into spam traps.]

7.  User must in a ticket certify that he/she agrees to all these terms, will adhere to all these terms, and will not break any of these terms.

If all this is met, we can disable the requirement for double opt-in.


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