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Subscribe Date - Unsubscribed then Resubscribed

If someone subscribes to your newsletter and then decides to unsubscribe, you are not sent a notification email.

However if that same person chooses to resubscribe at a later date, you will receive the
Congratulations from FineArtStudioOnline - someone just joined your email list!

The FASO system keeps a newsletter subscriber in the database with the original subscribe date. For various reasons, including legal, when someone unsubscribes we can't just delete them. They must be tagged as unsubscribed

If they resubscribe, that action does not move their name/email address to the top of your subscriber list. Their status is simply changed back to Subscribed. They do not show as a new subscriber. Their subscribe date will show as the original, 1st time, date of their subscription.

They will no longer show in the Unsubscribed section.

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