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Difference Between Email Newsletter and Blog, plus Samples

Newsletter vs. Blog

Some people confuse the Email Newsletter with a Blog. These are 2 separate, completely different features. 

One FASO Tech says It's push vs. pull. 

  • you push a newsletter out to people
  • you pull people to your website with a blog

This article from Marketing Mentor may shed more light:
What's the difference between an email newsletter and a blog?


Blog is short for [web log].

  1. It offers a way for you to add additional content to your site, including keywords that describe your art. This will help your site in the search engine listings, potentially having a great impact on generating traffic. Your blog entries remain a part of your site content unless you delete them.
  2. It offers a way for visitors to communicate with you. This interaction potentially increases interest and thus purchases by collectors, fans, and others interested in you and your artwork.
  3. Your FASO blog is an integrated blog. Being integrated into your website turns your blog into a powerful marketing tool by constantly updating your website with new searchable content each time you publish a blog post.
  4. Blog readers subscribe using an RSS Feed Reader (not via email). Your blog has a hidden RSS feed that all feed reader should be able to pick up. Most browsers today are equipped with feed readers.

See this article:
Don't Take Your Art Blog for Granted
by Gayle Faucette Wisbon

Email Newsletter

The email newsletter is a way to directly communicate with people interested in you and your art. You can start sending newsletters as soon as you get two to three subscribers.

Newsletters do not have to be long and involved. They can be short and sweet. In fact, sending short newsletters more frequently will be more likely read.


  • announce new paintings
  • discuss a work in progress, peeking interest for more to come
  • discuss how you paint
  • discuss what inspires you

All you need to do is to write naturally as though you were talking to someone face to face. Make it interesting and exciting. And yes, keep it short if you want your subscribers to read it all.


Steve Henderson:

Marian Fortunati

Gayle Faucette Wisbon

Keith Bond

Newsletter Wins the Prize

If you're considering doing just one, we recommend the email newsletter. It's one of the best marketing tools you have. Take it from David Cheifetz:

When I signed up for a faso site, I followed your emphatic advice to begin and maintain a regular newsletter. This has turned out to be the best marketing advice I've ever put into practice. - David Cheifetz

Click Here to see David's newsletters.

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