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Newsletter Deliverability Details for Sent Newsletters

Open Rates, Bounce Rates, Spam Reports

You can easily access details about your Sent Newsletters.

NOTE: Opened by Recipient rate and other details are not available for Newsletters sent over 6 months ago in order to improve the system performance of the newsletter software (CakeMail).

The Newsletter Deliverability Details overview page shows the following info:


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View Newsletter







Who Bounced?

Spam Reports

Who Reported Spam?



Who Unsubscribed?

Opened by Recipient

Who Opened?

Implied Opens

To find your Sent Newsletter Deliverability Details:

  • log into FASO Control Panel
  • click Dragonfly/Newsletter icon (upper row)
  • click on Click Here to login to the Email Newsletter System.
  • click on Sent (left column)
  • click on Details to the right of the email newsletter
    click on the individual newsletter title in the Subject column
    (the 10 most recently Sent newsletters are displayed on this, the home screen of the newsletter software)

Note: the numbers may be rough estimates.

Sent screen (sample)

Newsletter Deliverability Details overview page (sample)


To the right of Bounces, click Who bounced? to see who bounced and why.

The bounce notice varies depending on the situation.

  1. A hard bounce is an e-mail message that has been returned to the sender because the recipient's address is invalid.

  2. A soft bounce is when the recipient's name is known correctly, but email may be rejected because the sender's mailbox is full or they may have a vacation message.

    Sending will be attempted a few times for these addresses, but again, you may want to look at them carefully and see if you notice anything that might need correcting.

  3. A transient bounce is often generated by the sender's email server which indicates that a message could not be delivered but the server is still trying. Usually, a transient bounce can be safely ignored. You might receive the following message: Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours. Will keep trying until message is 2 days old.

  4. A temporary problem means there is an issue with the recipient's ISP. Nothing can be done on this side. The mailers will continue to try to send once a day for 4 days.

  5. DNS Failure - this means something about the address is incorrect.

    You may want to look at these addresses carefully and see if you know how to correct them, or just delete them.

For more info on bounces, see this document from our newsletter software provider:
What is a bounce?

Opened by Recipient

To the right of Opened by Recipient click Who Opened? to see specifically who opened your newsletter.

Opened by recipient means someone actually opened the email rather than reading it in the "preview pane." 

Tracking "open" rates is not a perfect science. Not all opens are able to be tracked for a lot of reasons including image blockers, and preview panes. Also, text versions of the newsletter can't have a tracker embedded so if the client prefers plain text we can't track open rates.

This is not a limitation of our system, it is the same with ALL email newsletter systems.

Repeated Opens

Sometimes people seem to open the newsletter many times. One recent instance showed one person opening a newsletter over 100 times. This doesn't mean the person is actually looking at it that many times. It also doesn't mean that person is the "most engaged". It could be a quirk of the person's email program or it could be as simple as every time they switch tabs to their email program it records another Open.

NOTE:  The Who Opened rate is not available for Sent Newsletters older than 6 months in order to improve the newsletter's system performance.


Clicking on Who unsubscribed? shows you the people that unsubscribed.  

Anyone who unsubscribes will still be on your list. The email address is automatically moved from the Active list to Unsubscribed.

They will not receive your newsletter with this status.


Clicking Who Reported Spam? will tell you who reported your newsletter as spam to their ISP (by clicking the "Report spam" button in the newsletter they received). 

Once a subscriber reports your newsletter as spam, future newsletters will not be sent to that person (to comply with the law) unless you and they both go through a fairly involved process of removing the spam block.

Be sure that you:

  • never add people to your list who did not give you permission.
  • your newsletter sticks to the topics your subscribers expect.
    If you run an art newsletter and send one with a political rant, you will see a high number of people reporting it as spam. 

Additional Info

Newsletter Analytics - Click Through and Open Rates

From our Newsletter Software Provider:
What is a bounce?


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