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My Subscriber is Not Receiving my Newsletter

If one of your subscribers informs you that they are not receiving your newsletter, here's the scoop.

Unless the subscriber's email address is listed in one of the following sections in the Newsletter Subscribers screen

  • Inactive
  • Malformed
  • Unsubscribed
  • Deleted
  • Spam Reports

your newsletter was sent to the email address shown in your subscriber list.

As for any subscribers who say they did not receive your newsletter, this is more than likely due to their spam filter settings on their computer or device.

Some email providers have a filter setting that automatically junks HTML emails with images. This would include your newsletter as it is HTML (which it must be in order to include formatting and images).

Unfortunately there aren't any changes you can make on your end to prevent your newsletter being classified as spam for certain subscribers.


You may want to consider sending a personal follow up email (not a newsletter) to those who say they did not receive your newsletter and ask them to check their spam folder.

If they find your newsletter in their Spam Folder, they can mark it as Not Spam. Future newsletters should then be received in their In-Box.

Your subscribers can also Whitelist your email address by adding your email to their list of Contacts.

The nature of email is that it is not always consistent nor 100% reliable, hence not as dependable as we all would like to believe. Many times if and how a newsletter is received depends on variables that the sender has no control over.


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