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A subscriber marked my newsletter as spam. What's up?

If one of your Email Newsletter subscribers marks your newsletter as spam (whether intentionally or by mistake), the subscriber is removed from your 'Active' list.

They will be listed in your subscriber database in the Spam Reports section and are added to a Suppression List. This keeps them from receiving further newsletters.

We and our newsletter provider take spam very seriously so there's a process to get someone's name removed from the suppression list. They will need to contact you letting you know that it was a mistake and that they definitely want to continue receiving your newsletter. Then you forward that to us . We will contact our provider so that they can begin the process of verification and removal from the suppression list.

The other option is for them to subscribe to your newsletter using a different email address (but not a ROLE email address!).

NOTE: having someone report your newsletter as spam will not prevent you from sending yourself a test of your newsletter draft nor from sending your newsletter to your active subscribers.


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