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Can’t send bulk email from email account, so how do I send newsletter?

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When you sign up and create your new domain email account, you need to agree to not send Bulk Email from the email account. 

This agreement to not send Bulk Email from your email account has absolutely no bearing on sending your newsletter since your newsletter is actually sent from our email newsletter service, FASO Artful Mail, not from your email account.

Our email marketing service, FASO Artful Mail, allows you to display your own email address in the "from" box. The newsletter software simply changes key "under-the-hood" settings that you and your recipients don't see.

All email marketing services have relationships and agreements with internet and email providers to send authorized bulk email through, without being flagged as spam.

More info on Bulk Email

Bulk email is considered to be the same email sent to more than 250 recipients. Bulk emails from most normal email accounts will quickly get flagged as spam.

Using your email account to send bulk email can also result in privacy breaches, like exposing your entire list in the "To" or "CC:" line.

Also a failure to include unsubscribe instructions or an unsubscribe link is now against the law.

When it comes to sending out bulk emails you need to rely on a professional email marketing service, hence our newsletter service, FASO Artful Mail.

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