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Newsletter Sending Address needs to Originate from your Domain

Use a Branded, Personalized Email Address for Newsletter Sending

Use Domain Email Address for Newsletter Sending

A Domain Email Account - aka personalized email, branded email, FASO email - is an email address attached to a domain name. It includes your domain name after the @ symbol in the email address, like [email protected].

Major email providers changed their authentication policy back in 2014 which is how they verify if an email or email newsletter is legitimate and not spam. This change affects whether your newsletters are delivered successfully or marked as spam. 

Your from address needs to originate from your domain (like [email protected]) in order to have the best chance of reaching your subscribers.

Simply put, this is because you, the artist, are not sending an official bulk email as a representative of Yahoo.com, Gmail.com, AOL.com, etc. The receiving mail servers can't verify that you're allowed to send from such a general domain (Yahoo.com etc).

The solution is easy! Set up a domain email account.

Click Here for our FAQ:
How do I set up and check a FASO domain email account?

NOTE: 1 to 3 email accounts are included in your FASO membershipThe number is dependent upon your plan.

When a subscriber responds to your newsletter, their reply will go to your newsletter sending address email, [email protected]. If your newsletter sending address is not your primary email address you will need to check for replies in your newsletter sending address email account. Click Here for the various ways to access the email account.

You can also choose to FORWARD your newsletter sending address email to your primary email. See this FAQ:
Forward FASO Email to Another Email Address

To use your domain email for sending email newsletters, you have 2 choices:

Change the Administration Email on your FASO Account

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click Gear icon (upper right corner)
  • click Account Settings
  • click Email Addresses
  • click Change to the right of Your Primary Contact Email
  • follow the prompts

~ OR ~

Change Newsletter Sending Address

If you don't want to change your Admin email, and only want to use the domain email for sending newsletters:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel:
  • click Newsletter / dragonfly icon (upper row)
  • click Settings (left column)
  • click Email from address override
  • enter your FASO domain email address
  • click Save Changes


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