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How do I add hyperlinks to my blog posts?

You can add hyperlinks to your blog content (text and/or images) in the text editing screen. Here's how:

First, copy (Ctrl/C) the URL, the full web address, of the page you want to link to. 

The best way to obtain the full url is to open the site, the page, you want to link to. Copy the address that appears in the address bar (Ctrl/C). It will start with http:// or https://


  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click Blog icon (upper row)
  • click Edit to the right of your Blog post
    click Start a New Blog Post (blue button)
  • select/highlight the text or image you want to place the link on
  • click the chain link icon (in small toolbar, says Insert link when you hover over it)

- a new screen pops up -

  • for the Link URL field, paste (Ctrl/V) in the url
  • click Insert
  • click Save Changes (or Add & Save Now )

For additional info please see these FAQs:

Should I set my hyperlinks to open in a new window?

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