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How do I increase traffic to my blog?

Developing traffic to your Blog is a matter of letting others know you exist. Here are some suggestions.

1. Comment on other artist blogs. 

You can read and comment on the latest posts from other FASO bloggers here:

FineArtViews by FASO - Latest Blog Posts

2. Start leaving comments on top level blog sites.

3. Send your blog post as an Artful Mail Newsletter. This is a great way to get the word out about your blog.

When you click to Publish Now, your next step is to select what your blog post is about and click Submit.

You will then see two marketing opportunities.

  • Share on Facebook (see below)
  • Send as an Artful Mail Newsletter.
    When you click YES to send as a newsletter, the Artful Mail software will open a newsletter draft containing the first image from your blog post and the blog text. The one image included is chosen from - either the main blog image or the 1st image the software finds.

See this FAQ: Artful Mail Quick Start for Blog - Send Newsletter of Blog Content

4. Share your blog post to FaceBook (FB).

Make sure your FB page is connected to your FASO account:

  • first, make sure you are logged in to your FB page
  • login to your FASO account Control Panel
  • under Marketing Integrations (left-hand column), click on Facebook
  • click on Facebook Blog Post Sharing
  • below You have not connected your Facebook Profile to FASO click on Click here to manage the connection to your Facebook account.
  • follow the prompts

See this FAQ for more detailed info: Integrate Your FASO Site with Facebook

There are 3 ways to share your blog to FaceBook.

  • when you post the blog, just say yes when you get to the screen that asks if you wish to share on FB
  • go to Blog in the control panel. There is a list of all your blog posts. To the far right of each post is a link that says Share on Facebook. It gives you the option to share on your profile or you can select your business page. When you select the business page, it will share on both the profile and business page.
    You can easily share older blog posts using this method.
  • From the live blog, click on Comments on the post and share on FB, Twitter, etc.

Lastly, here are some articles we found by doing a google search for how to increase blog traffic:


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