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Full Screen Mode: AutoSave/Restore Version

Full Screen Composer auto-saves now & allows you to recover previous drafts

As of early 2021, our full screen composer (aka Full Screen Mode) for rich-text areas now auto-saves plus you can view and restore former versions.

  • Login to your FASO Control Panel
  • Click to edit the page in question
  • Click the Full Screen Mode button, below the text box on the left
    (or click the icon to Edit this field in the full screen composer, upper right)

Screenshots below show auto-save in action, as well as how to see former drafts:

  • Click Show previous versions

  • Click on the date/time link for the desired version

  • Click Restore or Cancel (little buttons; the big ones below are just to clarify here)
  • Click Save and exit (or Exit without saving)
  • Click Save Changes

See How to Enable Fonts in the Full Screen Composer for more info.


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