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'Edit My Site' Log In Link

How to Hide Edit My Site and How to Login once it is Hidden

The Edit My Site link is displayed at the bottom of your live website page providing you with an easy way to login to your FASO account control panel. Many artists like this feature enabled while they are working on setting up their site, then they choose to hide it.

When clicking 'Edit My Site', you may be automatically logged into your FASO Control Panel due to settings on your computer. Other site visitors can see the link and can click on it and go to the FASO login screen, but only you have the login info, so only you can actually login and edit your website content.

  • login to FASO Control Panel
  • click Design icon (upper row)
  • click Advanced (faint link, top right)
  • click Site Options
  • for Hide Edit Website option, select Yes
  • click Save Changes

To login after hiding Edit My Site

  • go to FASO.com
  • click Log In (upper right)
    you can Click Here to access the Log In screen
  • enter Username or Email
    (the email address you used when you set up your account)
  • enter your Password
    (passwords have no spaces and are cAse-sEnsiTive)
  • click Sign In  (blue button)

To unhide Edit My Site

If the link to Edit My Site disappears from the bottom of your website, somehow the link got hidden. Here are the steps to unhide it.

  • from FASO control panel
  • click Design icon (upper row)
  • click Advanced (faint link, upper right)
  • click Site Options
  • for Hide Edit Website Link, select No
  • click Save Changes

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