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How do I add a Mail To link?

A MailTo link is a type of active hyperlink that activates the default mail client on your visitor's computer for sending an e-mail.

For this to work, anyone that clicks on the mailto link has to have a default email client installed on their computer or mobile device (Apple Mail, Outlook, iPhone Mail App, etc.).

Clicking on a mailto link will open a new 'Compose Email' screen in the default email client.

Set up a MailTo link in a text editing screen

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • access the editing screen you wish to add the MailTo link to
  • enter text, like:
    Click Here to request more information about this event.
  • select/highlight Click Here
  • click the Insert/edit Link icon in small tool bar above the text box (looks like a chain link)

  • in the pop up box, for url, enter
    (fill in your own email address)
  • click Insert
  • click Save Changes

When the user clicks on the mailto link, you can set it up so the email pre-populates the "Subject" field and a specific message in the content of the email.

Here's how. For the mailto link include the following:

mailto:your_email_address?subject=your SUBJECT goes here&body=your BODY TEXT goes here

Example: mailto:[email protected]?subject=Starry Night Exhibition&body=Please email the location and details for the Starry Night Exhibition. Thank you.

Above code does this:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Subject: Starry Night Exhibition
  • Email Content: Please email the location and details for the Starry Night Exhibition. Thank you.

Add a mailto link to your newsletter

  • access your newsletter draft
  • in a text area, add text (something like click here to contact me or enter your full email address)
  • highlight the text/email address
  • click on the link icon in the small menu (chain link)

  • in the URL field, insert this mailto link:
    mailto:[email protected] 
    (insert your own email address)
  • Click Ok

  • Click Save

For more info see this FAQ:
Hyperlink in Newsletter ~ Link Color

reference #041717-310189
and #09202017

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