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What is the difference between a Selected Link and a Visited Link?

The four links states are:

  • Unvisited Link:
    a normal, unvisited link (a:link)
  • Visited Link:
    a link the user has visited (a:visited)
  • Hover Link:
    a link when the user mouses over it (a:hover)
  • Selected Link:
    a link the moment it is clicked on to view the content (a:active)

FASO color palettes are designed to handle each type of link in a different manner, usually by selecting complementary colors for each specific link attribute.

Visited Links attributes: 

  • Visited Links are underlined/ highlighted or have a different font color (dependent upon your site design and color scheme) AFTER a site visitor visits the page. 
  • Visited Links stay underlined/ highlighted or have a different font color as the site visitor continues to navigate the website.
  • Visited Links are meant to help users distinguish the difference between links they have and haven't visited.

A Selected Link is the page that a site visitor is currently on.

Individual Collections and Free From Pages listed on the Navigation Bar have the same attributes for the Visited and Selected Links as do all other categories (Home / About / Contact / Galleries / Newsletter / etc.).

reference #157364, #201799

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