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Add an Unordered Bullet List to Text Editing Screen

Log into FASO account Control Panel:

  • Access the page you wish to edit 
  • Below the Entry Text Box section, click on the grey Full Screen Mode button (it turns yellow/orange when you hover over it).

Button Examples:

  • Click on the drop down arrow, top row, on right. This will reveal more tools.

  • Activate your cursor where you want the bullet list to appear
  • Click on the Unordered List icon (2nd row of tools, 6th from left)

  • Start typing. Hit Return/Enter on your keyboard to drop down a line for each subsequent list item.
  • select text you want to add the bulleted list to (your text must already be formatted on separate lines).
  • continue these steps until list is complete.
  • hit Enter/Return key twice
    * this will drive the cursor down - leaving a paragraph space and placing the cursor once again ready for more plain text [left aligned]
  • Be sure to Save Changes (upper right corner) before exiting

NOTE: You can add an Ordered List (that displays a number instead of a bullet) by choosing the Ordered List icon (7th from left).

Note: If you hover your mouse over each icon, a description will pop up showing you what the tool is.

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