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1-on-1 Zoom Training Available

A FASO Expert can coach you through challenges you may have building your site

Would it be helpful to have a FASO Expert give you personalized one-on-one training in Zoom? We can help you get the most out of our software for your artist website. 

We've found a way that's much faster than back-and-forth in emails. More fun, too!


Here's one way that works great:


a) We set up a Zoom meeting between you and your Expert.

b) At first, your Expert shares their screen to walk you through the steps you need to see.

c) Then you take the reins, share your screen, and your Expert shows you where to go in your Control Panel, click-by-click so you get the hang of it.

An Additional Option:


But wait - there's more! Would you prefer we make some or all of the changes for you? This is a superb way to do that. It's incredibly efficient, as you point out exactly what you want. We're fast.

It's fun and effective!

Bonus: We can record it to share for your future review.


This could be you! (Thanks Joanne Lavender for letting us use your lovely mug below.)

Arrangements are made directly with your FASO Expert (FASO takes no commission). The rate is $75/hour; you set your budget from 1-3 hours per Zoom session.

Email Jen for more info. We look forward to helping you make your site spectacular!

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