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Use Custom Logo in Place of Navigation Heading

Replace Nav Heading with your own signature or other logo on your site

For a unique, professional look, you can use a custom logo in place of the automatically generated Navigation Heading.


Create Logo

A good program to use for creating a logo is Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. If you are not versed in these programs we suggest asking a friend who is or hire a graphic designer.

Once the logo has been created, follow these steps:

1. Create .jpg or .png image file of your logo in exact size you wish it to appear.

The logo feature uses the full size image.

Your image file can be .jpg or .png.
The right file size depends on template. Try 600 pixels (px) wide by 100px tall for starters.
If it's not quite right, you will need to adjust the size a bit and upload the newly sized version.

Here's a handy tool for converting inches to pixels:
Inches to Pixels (Y) Conversion Calculator

When working on getting the correct size and saving different size versions in your own computer files, title your logo image versions with the size in the title, such as "Logo 600W" making it easier to know which image file is which.

2. Use same background color for your logo as background color of your site

This is important:
Your logo may have a transparent background in your Photoshop .psd file, but when you save it as a .jpg or .png to upload to your Control Panel, the software will add a white background.

Click here for a great color picker resource.

Place on Site

From your Control Panel:

  • Click Design icon (upper row)

  • Click Advanced (faint link, top right)

  • Click Add or Change Your Website's Logo
  • Click Upload a file

  • Click blue box to find, open & upload the image file

If you have a logo already in place, you'll get this screen:

  • click Remove site logo to either start over or to revert back to the automatically generated Navigation Heading.

Before & After




Legacy Method (prior to 9/2020)

If you added a logo prior to September 2020, here's how to change your logo:

  • from Control Panel
  • Click Design icon (upper row)
  • Click Advanced (faint link, top right)
  • click Older Legacy Template Options
  • click Legacy Add or Change Your Website's Logo
  • follow the prompts

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