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What has changed? Why do I need to upgrade?

What has changed?

The world of technology is constantly advancing at an amazingly accelerated rate and altering data across the board. The average person today intakes more information in a single 24 hour period than a farmer 300 years ago did in their entire lifetime.

Technological advances are not limited to back-end software, internet browsers, and ISP providers. Consider the various devices (hardware) we now use to access the internet and the screens that display content. It is mind-boggling.

Changes made can be minor, like fixing one little missing tag in the code. Often code is updated, improved, to keep out spammers and other bad people. (Everyone is fighting spam and it has become a big part of where software designers have to spend their time.)

Code is constantly being upgraded in order to keep up with the ever changing and growing demands of the internet and mobile device functioning.

Fiber optics cables and wifi services also need attention. 

FASO keeps you, the working artist, current with the changes in technology. This is one of the reasons to choose to be associated with FASO. 

Gen 3 Templates Recommended

Most of our artist are already using a Gen 3 template. 

Gen 3 templates were originally created in order to keep up with online website viewing demands, ensuring that your website is state of the art, functioning and displaying content properly on all devices with various screen sizes.

If we have recommended that you upgrade it is simply our way of doing the job we set out to do back in 2001 when the company was started; to help artists with their online website needs and to stay current with the trends on the world wide web. 

It is by no means mandatory that you upgrade to a Gen 3 design. Nor is it our intent to make your online needs more challenging. 

All of our lives would be simplified if we could just build 1 to 10 great designs and you, the artist, could continue to use a particular design forever but alas, too many changes around the globe make that impossible.

See this FAQ for more info:
How do I upgrade to a Gen 3 design?

Keep in mind that if you choose not to update you are in essence doing a disservice to your website visitors. It may be an inconvenience for you to have to take time to decide what template to use, but your potential collectors will have a much more rewarding experience if you keep your template design up to date.

Mobile-Optimized Websites and Search Engines

Some artists have not yet embraced mobile devices but the majority of people accessing websites do so from their own personal mobile devices. The trend continues to escalate!

In 2016, Google made important changes to the search algorithm. Due to their change, mobile-optimized websites will be given preference in search results. Non-mobile-friendly websites will be ranked lower in the search results on smartphones, so that they will be less visible.  

Gen 2 templates ARE mobile friendly but in an outdated way. 

Features Only Available on Gen 3 (and Higher Templates, as They Become Available)

1. SSL

On the immediate horizon is the advent of SSL (secure socket layer). You may not be interested in SSL or what it means, but ALL websites will be forced to become SSL compliant. If your website is not SSL compliant, people that visit your site will receive a warning message that your site is not secure. What that will do is make people choose NOT to visit your website.

If you are interested in reading about SSL and how it will affect your website, please see this FAQ section:


2. Sub-Categories on Navigation Links

Drop Down menus are increasingly popular.

See this FAQ:
Add Drop-Down Menu Items in Navigation Bar Categories

3. Slide Show on Main Page

Adding a slide show of images to your main page makes a great 1st impression.

See this FAQ:
How to Set Up a Slide Show on your Home Page


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