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Point Your Existing Domain Name via FASO DNS

Recommended: Connect domain by pointing to our Domain Name Servers

To use your existing domain name with your FASO site, you can point it.

If you are currently receiving email at your domain name (such as [email protected]), before changing your nameservers be sure to review your options in our FAQ:
How do I use my existing domain if I currently have email on that domain? 

Please do not change the name servers if you have a domain email. Changing the name servers will interrupt your domain email. Let us know so we can address what is needed to be sure your domain email continues to function whether you will be using FASO or keeping the email account with your current non-FASO host.

To use your existing domain:

  • login to your FASO Control Panel
  • click Manage Your Domains (left-hand column, low on screen)
  • click Click Here to use a domain name that you already own 
  • enter your domain name
  • click GO
  • follow the instructions

The instructions will include the following:

Login to your domain account at the company where you registered your domain - your domain registrar (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc).

Change the DOMAIN NAME SERVERS (DNS) to our nameservers:

AFTER you update the nameservers, your off-site domain should begin working with your FASO account within about 12 hours.

Using your existing domain in this way, you will still be liable for your annual renewal fees with your current domain registrar.

Although this is the quick way to use your existing domain, we recommend that you transfer your domain to FASO. Many members enjoy having everything under one roof. Plus, all current plans include 1 domain.

Note - these instructions will make your domain point to your FASO website. This will NOT make FASO your domain registrar. If you wish for FASO to become your domain registrar, review our FAQ:
How do I transfer my domain to FASO?

To see what TLDs can currently be used, click here.

If your registrar is asking for an IP address instead of wanting to change name servers, please see this FAQ:
Connect your Existing Domain Name via a CNAME

Please review this HOW TO video:

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