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How do I use my existing domain if I currently have email on that domain?

When you're ready to use your domain with your FASO site and you have domain email (such as [email protected]), there are 2 options for your email account(s):

1. Move your email to our service (recommended)
2. Keep email with your current provider

OPTION 1: Move Your Email to FASO

IMPORTANT: You need to be a paying member to set up the email account.

Add your domain name to our servers:

  • login to your FASO Control panel
  • click Manage Your Domains (left column, under Domains)
  • click on Click Here to use a domain name that you already own
  • type in your domain name (www. and .com are pre-filled)
  • click GO

Set up the email account:

  • from FASO account Control panel
  • click Email / Your FASO Email Accounts icon (upper row, large closed envelope) 
  • follow the instructions

The following info is ONLY for artists TRANSFERRING their domain registration to FASO's registrar.

If you are transferring your domain from your current registrar to the FASO.com registrar, do all of the above steps prior to the domain transfer. Then once the domain transfer is complete, the email account will begin working from your FASO account. 

No need to continue reading the additional steps in this document.

The email account will not start working until the name servers have been changed on your domain which may occur before the transfer is complete or after. The domain specialist working with you on the transfer can clarify the timing.

If you are using Office 365 for your email and would like to continue to use Outlook 365, we do not recommend transferring your domain. Please contact support for this particular situation.

Once you have set up the email account, you need to change the nameservers on your domain to the FASO nameservers to get the email account to function.

To change the nameservers:

  • login to your domain account at your current domain Registrar (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.)
  • change DNS (Domain Name Servers) to:

After you update the nameservers, your off-site domain and the email account should begin working with your FASO account within 12 hours.

Your old website will come down and be replaced by your FASO site.

For 24 hours after changing the nameservers, check your domain email as you have been as well as from your FASO Control Panel so that you do not miss any emails.

Once everything has settled (24 hours), your email should be properly directed to your new email account through the FASO provider.

Once the webmail account is functioning, you can make the necessary server setting changes in any desktop program or mobile device that you use.

  • Cancel the old email provider

See this FAQ for more info:
How do I set up and check a FASO domain email account?

IMPORTANT: Contacts and Saved Emails will not automatically be transferred over to your FASO hosted email account.

If you are moving email from a webmail provider and are not using a specific email client for your access to email (like Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, a Built-In Mail App, Apple Mail, etc.), please keep in mind that this process DOES NOT transfer saved emails or your list of contacts.

If you have important emails saved in folders at your current email provider you will want to email them to yourself or save them to a file folder on your computer before you change the nameservers and cancel the original email account.

For moving your contacts, please see this FAQ:
FAQ: How to Import Contacts Into Your FASO Email Account

Once you have set up the email account on FASO and have accounted for any contacts and saved emails, you can finish the Domain Point by changing the nameservers to the FASO nameservers on your domain.

OPTION 2: Keep Email Account with Current Provider

To keep your email account with your current provider (often your domain Registrar):

1. Provide us with your provider's MX Records (Mail Exchange Records).
NOTE: You will have to be using a Paid Email Account with your current provider.

Obtaining your MX records is easiest to do before you change the name servers / DNS on your domain.

You can contact your email provider and ask them for the MX records and/or 

2. Add the domain to our servers:

  • log in to your FASO Control Panel
  • click Manage Your Domains (left column)
  • click Click Here to use a domain name that you already own
  • type in your domain (the www. and .com are pre-filled)
  • click Go>>

Our software will look up your current MX (Mail Exchange) records and will set the first MX record. 

We need to get both MX records from you so that your email continues to function properly.

If you prefer not to change the name servers in order for the domain to work with your FASO website, please see this FAQ:
Connect your Existing Domain Name via a CNAME

NOTE: Using the cname is one way that some clients choose to retain their existing off-site personalized email account.

We do not recommend this option, especially if you plan on using our newsletter software, since you will not have the proper SPF/DKIM records for the email account for sending Artful Mail Newsletters to your subscribers.


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