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Domains ~ Point vs Transfer ~ a Lesson

Point or Transfer Your Existing Domain

There are 2 options for using your pre-existing domain with your FASO site.

1. Point: Change Nameservers, Keep Your Current Domain Registrar

Pointing your domain means you leave your domain registered with your current registrar (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Gandi.net, etc) and simply change the DNS (Domain Name Servers / nameservers)  to the FASO name servers.

Changing the DNS causes the domain to point to/pull up your FASO website and direct internet traffic to your FASO site.
If you keep your domain registered with your former registrar, you need to continue to pay them the renewal fees.

For the steps to point your domain, click here.

2. Transfer: Switch so FASO is Your Registrar

When you transfer your domain to FASO we become the new registrar. All of our paid website plans include one domain. FASO covers the cost for the renewal of one domain when it comes up for renewal. Any additional domains transferred or registered thru FASO are $20 a year to renew when the domain comes up for renewal. 

Any existing renewal date will transfer over with the domain if transferred to FASO.

For how to transfer your domain, click here.

All domains must be registered with a domain registrar. 

Reasons to Transfer to FASO:

1. You save money since one domain is included in your FASO membership plan.

2. It simplifies your life by keeping everything under one umbrella - you don't have to remember to pay your off-site domain registrar for the domain renewal.

3. Each domain automatically includes a privacy setting.

4. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is easier to obtain. Click Here for more info on SSL.


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