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How To Transfer Your Domain to FASO

If you have domain email (such as [email protected]), be sure to see our FAQ: How do I use my existing domain if I currently have email on that domain?

Transfer your Domain

To transfer your domain from your current registrar to FASO, do the following:

  • log in to your FASO account Control Panel
  • click Manage Your Domains (left column, under Domains)
  • click Transfer Your Domain to FineArtStudioOnline Wizard (BETA)
  • follow the instructions to submit the credentials you have
  • FASO Domain Specialists will take it from there

Possible Issues

  • Registrar name does not match your current registrar.
    There are many partnerships and ownership arrangements among domain registrars.
    If the system shows a registrar for your domain that you do not recognize, that is OK.
    Follow the steps and click YES for "Do You know your login info at _________.com?"
    Continue to enter the login info you have for your domain registrar's account.
  • Password or Username Issue.
    If you do not know your credentials, type 'UNKNOWN' for Password and Username.
    Hit Submit.

  • Accounts in a Migration process.
    We cannot transfer a domain until the migration is complete. Please request the domain transfer through your migration specialist.

NOTE: We only process domain transfers for activated accounts, not those still in a free trial period. 

If you activate your account & become a paying member before the end of your free trial, you will not lose any of your free time. Your next billing date will pro-rate forward automatically to ensure this.


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