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Add Social Media Icons to Email Signature

Obtain an Image of the Social Media Icon

First, search for an image copy of the social media icon you wish to use.  

  • in the search box (for google.com, bing.com, etc.), type the name of the social media icon you wish to use (ie, twitter icon, facebook icon... etc.)
  • click 'Images' (from the Google/Bing Navigation Bar) 
  • click 'search tools' (from the Google/Bing Navigation Bar)
  • click 'size' and select 'icon' from the drop down menu
  • find the icon you wish to use and right click on the icon
  • select save image to save the image to your computer

The image needs to be smaller than 65kb.
To give you an idea, a square image that is 250 x 250 pixels is around 50kb.

Edit Signature - add the social media icon.

  • login to your email account:
      - from FASO control panel
    click Email icon (upper row)
    click Log In to this email account (to the right of email address)
       - OR
    login from webmail.fineartstudioonline.com
  • click Hamburger icon (top right - 3 horizontal bars)
  • click Settings
  • click Composing Email
  • click on the Signatures tab
  • Select (click on) the signature you wish to edit
  • click Edit button
  • a new page opens up where you can add/edit text and format
  • place cursor in text field where you want to add the social media icon
  • click on Insert/Edit Image icon

  • click Choose file...
  • find image of icon (saved on computer) and select 'open'
  • click Insert
  • when you get the look you want, click OK
  • click Save

Link the icon to your social media site

  • click on the icon  
  • click the Insert/edit Link icon (in small toolbar above the text box - looks like a chain link)
  • A new window pops up
  • enter the url/web address of your social media account in the URL field

Best way to do this is to go to your social media page.
Copy the entire url you see in the address bar at the top of your computer screen.
The URL will start with http://... or https://

One way to copy is to
LEFT click on the address in the address bar.
RIGHT click - a little box will open - choose copy

  • click OK
  • click Save (lower right)

Also see this FAQ: How do I add a signature to my FASO emails?

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