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How do I create a link in my FASO email account?

Here are the steps for creating a link in your Personalized email account.

  • Make sure Enable Formatting is active. If you see the words, Disable Formatting, you are all set.
    NOTE: If you see the words Enable Formatting, click on them to enable.
    The words will change to Disable Formatting
  • You will see an assortment of icons offering editing options for your text (bold, italics, underline, text align, font family and size, etc.)
  • The icon you are interested in is the blue chain link icon. When you hover over it, it says Insert/Edit Link.

  • highlight / select the text that you wish to add the link to
    for example: click here to learn more
  • click on the chain link icon
  • in the pop up screen, enter the url
  • click OK

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