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Spam Filters for Email Account ~ Safelist, Blocklist

All personalized (branded) FASO email accounts automatically have the spam filter turned on.

To access spam settings:

  • login to webmail
  • click Menu icon (upper right corner)
  • click Settings
  • select Spam Settings

To add domains and email addressed to your Safelist:

  • from FASO control panel
  • click Email icon (upper row)
  • if necessary, click Your Email Accounts (toward the top, center)
  • click Log In to this email account (for the email account you with to edit)
    (NOTE: you can also login via the webmail login link at webmail.fineartstudioonline.com)
  • click the 3 bar menu/hamburger icon (upper right corner, to the right of email address)
  • click Settings
  • click Spam Settings (left column)
  • click Safelist tab
  • click Add below Safelisted Domains & Email Addresses
  • click Add below Safelisted IP Addresses
  • enter Email address, Domain, or IP address in appropriate fields
  • click Add
  • click Save

NOTE: Type in a domain in this manner:

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If you need additional assistance with your spam filters, see this Rackspace help doc:
Spam preferences, safelists, and blocklists in Rackspace Email
NOTE: Rackspace is our email provider.


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