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How to Delete Multiple Emails and Email Folders

In your branded email account, when you want to delete multiple emails at one time the following info will guide you through 3 options.

NOTE: This works from the webmail account, webmail.fineartstudioonline.com.

  • Delete 50 Emails at a Time
  • Delete all Messages in a Folder / Purge Folder Content
  • Delete an Entire Email Folder (including all contents)

Delete 50 emails at a Time

  • login to webmail (for your branded email account)
  • check the little square box above your list of emails to select the entire page of emails
  • click the red X to move emails to Trash folder
  • repeat as needed

To delete messages from the Trash folder all at once:

  • right-click on Trash (left column)
  • select Purge Trash
  • click Okay

All messages in Trash will be permanently deleted.

The number of emails (50) listed on the screen is dependent upon a Setting, as follows:

  • click the menu icon (top right, 3 horizontal bars)


  • click Settings
  • under General Settings (on left), Email Options tab, you will see Number of messages listed per page followed by a number.

The default number is 50. 

Delete all messages in a folder

  • login to webmail
  • hover your cursor over the folder title
  • right-click
  • select Purge {{folder title}}
  • click OK

Delete an entire folder

  • login to webmail
  • hover your cursor over the folder title
  • right-click
  • select Trash {{folder title}}

New Folder

NOTE: If there are some emails you want to keep, you could create a new folder and move those emails to that folder before Purging.

To create a new folder click on Add Folder (bottom of left column)

To move an email to the new folder:

  • drag it
  • select the email, click on the Move icon (upper row) and choose the folder

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