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Username and FASO System Website Address (subdomain) Explained

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When you initially set up your Free Trial account, you are automatically assigned a username.

The username is created using the first initial of your first name combined with your last name.

The 1st and Last names that you entered into this screen:

Example: If you sign up for an account and enter name as

  • First Name: Henri
  • Last Name: Matisse

your username will be:

  • hmatisse


  • Only letters and numbers are allowed
  • A username cannot include a space
  • A username cannot include a dash
  • Must be at least 4 characters in length
  • Cannot exceed 50 characters in length

This username is then used for:

  • logging in (use username OR email address to log in)
  • system address (the address of your website on the web)

Your website address is also known as system address or subdomain and is based on:

In the above example, your website address would be:



You can control this by changing your Username once you have created your account.

Immediately upon setting up your free trial account, your system address is available to you so that you can view your website live on the web and even share it with others.

Please see this FAQ for more info:
Sites are Online from the Start, but Not Really Public

We highly recommend that you register a personalized domain or use a domain you already own.

A Discounted Custom Domain is included in each membership plan.
(billed $10 per year for yearly plans or $0.84 per month for monthly plans)

Once you are using a personalized domain name, you can access your live FASO website using either your personalized domain or your system address/subdomain.

The FASO subdomain / system domain we assign to you when you first open your account will always work, no matter how many domains you register. 

You can change your Username in order to change your system address/subdomain as follows:

  • login to FASO control panel
  • click gear icon (top right corner)
  • select Account Settings
  • click Change Your Username
  • enter username in the box (no spaces; usernames are not case-sensitive)
  • click Save Changes

Your username cannot be an email address nor contain .com, spaces, or special characters.


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