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Can I hide my new website while building it?

Can you keep your site offline until you're finished?

The short answer is: Not really, but please bear with us.

When you sign up for a free trial for your FASO website account, our software automatically sets up a website template with your name in the header. There is no actual content on the site until you start uploading your art, bio etc.

This is so you can see your 'real' site as you create it (click Preview from the Control Panel.)

Even though it's technically 'live' online right away, it's highly doubtful that anyone will see it or find it until you're ready to share it. Here's why:

  • You would need to share what's called the Subdomain - a system domain that we give you, based on your login Username, like such:
  • Your new site won't come up in a Google search (or Bing, Yahoo...) until later.

Once you activate your account (meaning to become a paying member), you can register a personalized domain (such as YourName.com). Then you can start promoting your site using your own custom domain name (that will not have the name "faso" in it).

NOTE: It can take 6-8 weeks for Google, Bing and the others to list your new domain. The timing is out of our control; it can take a while to get real exposure through the search engines.
(That said, we do add SEO to your site and tend to achieve high-ranking search engine results for our clients.)

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