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After Your Account is Created, What's Next

Getting started with FASO

The moment you open your FASO account, you can begin creating your website. 

A great place to start is to watch this recording of the FASO Getting Started webinar:

To get started, log in to your FASO Control Panel (dashboard). 
Here are 2 ways:

a) Login from FASO.com

  • Go to faso.com
  • Click on LOGIN (upper right)

(If you see your name there, you're logged in! Just hover and click YOUR ACCOUNT.)

  • Enter your username or email address and your password
  • Click Sign In

- or - 

b) Login from Your Live Site

  • Access your website at {{yourusername.faso.com}}
  • Click Edit My Site
    (often at bottom left, but varies with template)
  • Enter your username or email address and your password.
  • Click Sign In

Don't worry...

No one can get into your Control Panel without your login info.
You can hide the 'Edit My Site' link if you like.

Get Started with Some Basics

Once logged in, start building your site.

Follow the 8 steps in the center of your Control Panel home screen by clicking the grey buttons to the right of each:

Heads Up!

After taking one or 2 steps in the box above, that box & those buttons will go away.
Don't panic. Just use the the icons in the upper 2 rows and/or listings in the left column to access all features.

Getting Started ~ Actions to Take

If you log into your FASO control panel and do not see the Get Started with FASO in a few Simple Steps listings, you can easily refer to the Welcome email you received when you signed up for your account, the email titled, Important Information Regarding your Website on FineArtStudioOnline.com! 

It contains helpful info on how to login and how to get started setting up your site. 

Here is a quick rundown of Getting Started actions.

Click here for ways to find help and get answers.


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