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How do I upload images of my artwork?

For a video tutorial on this, see:
Video Tutorial ~ How to Upload Your Art

Upload Art

  • log into FASO Control Panel
  • click on Upload Art Now button (upper right corner)
    Note: if you're already in the Artwork portfolio, you can choose to click on Add New Artwork.
  • The Select Files To Upload or Drag and Drop, Copy and Paste Files pop up screen should open automatically but if not, simply click on the + icon

Note: You have the option to click on Click here to use the legacy uploaderThis will access the original uploading software.

Choose your preferred method of uploading:

  1. select files by clicking the +icon
    1. click on the image(s) files to select
    2. choose Open or Select (depending on your operating system). You can also double-click on your image to select it.
  2. drag and drop an image into the window
    Note: For uploading multiple images, it is easier to use Option #1. If you choose to Drag and Drop, you will need to click the Back Arrow (upper left corner) after each image in order to add multiple files to the screen.
  3. copy and paste your files into the window

The image file name(s) will appear in the uploader screen:

  • click Upload
  • click Continue
  • Add details about your artworks
    • title your image
      use a descriptive title
      Do NOT include quotation marks or dimensions in the title field. Add Vertical Size and Horizontal Size to the dimension fields
    • ( If you want to add the inches symbol as quotes [ " ] the quote mark character must be typed directly into the field or copied and pasted from a Plain Text document. For full info, see our FAQ Abbreviating Inches / Using the Quote Mark. )
    • add retail price to Price field (especially if using PayPal)
  • click Next Step or Save Changes

If you're using Collections be sure to Assign work to the correct collection.

Video Tutorial on How to Crop and or Rotate Image during upload process:

You may also want to check out our FAQ Can I upload multiple images at once?

If you can't see the image uploader, click here for how to Upload Images using the HTML Only uploader.

More Details (located on the individual artwork editing screen)

This field:

  • YearCreated

is for your info only. It is not displayed on your website.

These 2 fields:

  • Subject
  • Style

are for the search engines. They are not displayed on your website. Click on add to the right of either option to a enter a new choice.
Click on Manage Substrate or Manage Styles to manage or delete items you have added.



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