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Add or Edit Artwork Image Details

Quick, easy basics for adding art image info

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Here are the basics for adding your artwork image details:

  • Login to FASO Control Panel
  • Click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • Click on thumbnail to edit the image (or click Edit to the right)

  • Correct the title, add sizes, etc. 


For some fields, you simply enter your info.
For others such as Collection, click for a drop-down of options.

  • Fill in what info you have (you can always change it or add later)

You can create custom Mediums and/or Substrates if need be.

It's wise to add a Description, for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Google etc.

  • Click Save Changes (top or bottom left)

For more details and editing info, see 
How do I edit an image and the content on an image in my portfolio after uploading?

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